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REFORESTA - Scientific and Professional Society
REFORESTA is a society of scientists, researchers and professionals involved in various aspects of reforestation and afforestation.  

REFORESTA consists of individual members from Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Ghana, India, Mexico, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Sweden, and USA. Institutional members from Serbia includes University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry, Forestry Institute – Belgrade, and PE Srbijašume. The full list of members is available on request. 

The mission of the REFORESTA is to provide support to members through different levels of cooperation in a specific area of forest establishment, including afforestation, reforestation and forest restoration

The main objectives of REFORESTA are to share information and knowledge among Society members and to encourage literature, practice, and product development research. 

The main activities of REFORESTA are publishing of REFORESTA Journal and organizing of a series of International Conferences on Reforestation Challenges. REFORESTA also runs the educational and research projects.

REFORESTA is established in November 2014, at University of Belgrade - Faculty of Forestry, by group of colleagues comming from academia, research institutes, and practice. 

REFORESTA is a non-profit and non-government organization, registered at the The Serbian Business Registers Agency. REFORESTA is organized in four levels: assembly, supervisory board, board of directors, and the president. The assembly consists of all Society members, and among other make decisions on organizational changes. The supervisory board accepts yearly reports and financial reports submitted by the board of directors. The members of supervisory board are: Jovana Devetaković - University of Belgrade - Faculty of Forestry, and Ivana Ivetić - Bauwesen doo. The board of directors is responsible for making of yearly work and budget plan and reports. The members of board of directors are: Vladan Popović - Forestry Institute in Belgrade, Zoran Maksimović - PE Srbijašume, and Vladan Ivetić - University of Belgrade - Faculty of Forestry. The President of Reforesta Society (Vladan Ivetić) is responsible for making of executive decisions and for running of daily operations. 

REFORESTA Society is financed almost exclusively by individual donations of Reforesta's members. 

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