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Membership in REFORESTA is free and open to all those who are interested to advance and to diffuse knowledge of planting forests, from selection of forest reproductive material source, through seed processing and nursery operation, site preparation and planting techniques to plantation silviculture.


New members are elected on the Society Assembly after the application and recommendation of the Steering Committee.
In order to apply, please send a short CV to reforesta@reforestationchallenges.org


- Members receive discounted registration rates for meetings organized by the Society.
- Members can vote in Society elections.
- Membership dues help fund the journal REFORESTA, the meetings, and the celebration of scientific achievement through REFORESTA awards.
- Members are encouraged to be active in the Society's Committees.
- REFORESTA offers a searchable mentoring directory available to members only.  You can sign up to be a mentor, search for a mentor, or both! 
- Members can initiate and participate in projects run by the Society.
- Members can use the Society network to announce their publications, results and research activities.
- The Society will publish monographs, PhD and master thesis and other publications of members only.


Obligations of the members of the Society are:
- to carry on their scientific activities within the Society and present the results of their studies,
- to participate in the activities of the Assembly and departments of the Society,
- to participate in all activities of the Society aimed at realization of the stated aims,
- to elect and be elected into the bodies of the Society,
- to start initiatives important for realization of the Society aims,
- to perform tasks entrusted to them by the Society bodies,
- to preserve the dignity of science and ethics of the profession and advocate realization of the Society aim.

Reforestation Challenges Conference
will be held from 20 to 22 June 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia. Find out more...


Reforesta Journal Nr. 4 will be published in December 2017. In addition to the Article and Review Sections, this issue will publish papers presented at IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress, session 121 - Reforestation challenges. Find out more...
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