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The Reforestation Challenges Conference will be held at Faculty of Forestry - University of Belgrade

Kneza Višeslava 1
11030 Belgrade, Serbia

Suggested hotels are in close proximity to the main venue. Rooms have been pre-booked for June 20-22, 2018. You can book the room by direct contact to hotel.
To get the conference rate, make sure to give the hotel the booking code when reserving your room or contact Organizing committee to provide your code. The code for Hotel Balkan Garni is G1320. For other information please contact hotels directly or the conference secretariat.
Hotel Sumadija

TEL. 0038111 3054100,
FAX. 0038111 3554368,
Sumadijski trg 8,
11000 Belgrade
Balkan Hotel Garni

Address: 67A Pozeska st., 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 36 00 200
Fax: +00381 11 35 51 598
By Airplane

The "Nikola Tesla" airport in Surčin is located 18 km from the centre of Belgrade.
Flight information can be obtained by telephone, at +381 11 20 94 444 or through the www.beg.aero website. "Nikola Tesla" airport Working time: 04.45-23.40h

In order to enhance taxi service from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the Assembly of City of Belgrade is introducing ongoing project aiming to organize new taxi service regulation system from Belgrade Airport. As a part of this project, the price of a taxi service from the airport is divided into 6 zones.

For the use of taxi services from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to any destination in Belgrade area and further, please contact the city service TAXI INFO desk, located in the baggage reclaim area.

Please take a taxi receipt at the information desk which contains the name of your destination and appropriate price for the taxi service.

Taxi Service from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Zones and Price List

There is a taxi stop at the airport. The price of taxi transportation from the airport to the city centre is approximately 1,000 dinars (10 Euros).

Alpha Team Agency - Airport shuttle transportation to the airport and from the airport, is organized so that more passengers on the way to the airport can use a single car. All transfers are from your home address, and price range is from 950.00 dinars.
www.kombiprevoz.rs, transfers@kombiprevoz.rs, tel.+381 11 412 02 02, + 381 63 38 32 32 

Public Transportation

Mini bus linе A1
Ticket price: 250 RSD (tickets can be obtained in the bus)
Approximate travel time: 30 minutes
Direction A: Slavija Square - Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport
Direction B: Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport - Slavija Square

GSP - bus line 72
Ticket price: 80 RSD (if bought on newsstand), 120 RSD (if bought in the bus)
Travel time: 40 min.
Route: Zeleni venac - SO Novi Beograd - Studentski grad - Vojvođanska - Aerodrom "Nikola Tesla"
Working hours: 04.45-23.40
Frequency: every 30 min.
By Car

Belgrade is located at the intersection of the European E-70 and E-75 highways.
Foreign drivers in Serbia are required to have a national driver’s license, traffic permit and an insurance policy.

Road Toll
Passenger vehicles with foreign license plates pay road tolls on the following highways: E-70 Subotica - Novi Sad, E-75 Novi Sad - Belgrade, E-70 Šid - Belgrade, E-75 Belgrade - Niš and E-75 Niš - Leskovac.

Road Assistance
The Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS) offers roadside assistance services on a 24/7/365 basis.
Roadside assistance includes breakdown services and, in case the vehicle can not be repaired - transport of the vehicle to a desired car repair shop, garage or the place of residence.
AMSS offers roadsided services to all motorists on the territory of Serbia. AMSS members and members of the foreign automobile clubs are entitled to a large number of roadside services, free of charge.
In order to benefit from the roadside assistance services, it is necessary to dial the number of the AMSS Operations Centre, through a unique telephone number + 381 11 1987 (landlines and all mobile networks).
Also, AMSS Operations Centre provides information on the state of roads in the country, as well as other relevant information of use to motorists travelling in the country and abroad.
AMSS - Ruzveltova 18, 11000 Beograd
Tel: + 381 11 333 11 10, Fax: + 381 11 333 11 04, Operations Centre: + 381 11 1987
info@amss.org.rs, www.amss.org.rs

The green card, an international certificate, serves as evidence to confirm the existence of insurance against the responsibility for damage inflicted upon third parties abroad. Motorized tourists with vehicles bearing foreign license plates with no green card are obliged to purchase insurance with local insurance companies when entering Serbia, at the border crossing.

Always keep in mind - Belgraders are known for their “wild” driving.
By Bus

Belgrade Bus Station
Železnička 4, operator +381 11 26 44 455, fax +381 11 26 59 480, www.bas.rs
Tickets are sold: 00-24h

Information and reservation
Local lines: +381 11 26 36 299, +381 11 26 23 170 (05.30-22.00h)
International lines:
BAS tourist, Železnička 4, tel. +381 11 26 27 146 (07-00h)
BAS tourist, Maršala Birjuzova 2, tel. +381 11 26 22 526 (08-20h)

Portal Busticket4.me is an internet service for online ticket sale and providing viable information regarding carrier’s departures from entire region, carriers, bus stations and destinations. Portal’s elementary goal is to provide mentioned services to the users, without having the user to visit the bus station.
Type www.busTicket4.me, search bus timetables for the point of departure and destination city, choose the most convenient bus line, click on “Buy Ticket”, finalize your payment and enjoy the ride. Your seat in the bus is guaranteed!
It’s possible to make a reservation if you choose an "Offline payment" method. If that is the case, our system will make a reservation of your seat, so you can make a payment at your nearest bank or post office. Just make sure that it’s not possible to make a reservation 48 hours before the departure.
Banks and Cards

Cash may be taken from ATMs installed in all major malls, bank branch offices and in public places 365 days in a year, 24 hours a day. Cell phone e-cards and Internet cards may also be purchased in some of these places.
Official sign for exchange office

The official tender in Serbia is dinar, abbreviated RSD. Money may be exchanged in all banks and post offices, as well as in authorized exchange offices. Dinar is issued in denominations of 10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/5000.

The current exchange rate may be checked on the website of the National Bank of Serbia
Time, Electricity and Water

Time Zone
Belgrade and Serbia are located in the Central European time zone region - GMT +1 and/or GMT +2 as of the last week in the third month until the Saturday prior to the last week of the tenth month.

As in most cities of Continental Europe, the electricity voltage in Belgrade is 220V. Electrical outlets are standard European.

Tap water in Belgrade is safe to drink.

It is early summer in Belgrade in June and the temperatures can vary from 10 to 30°C. It is often sunny but please notes there may be occasional showers.
Before registration participants should check whether an entry visa for Serbia is necessary. You can check this with a local embassy, or at the Serbian Ministry of The Foreign Affairs website.

If you need an invitation letter to apply for a visa, such can be provided to attendees.
Please send your request by e-mail the conference secretariat at jovana.devetakovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs
. You need to register for the conference before your request for an invitation letter can be processed. No invitation letter will be issued until your registration has been completed, processed and paid in full, and the eligibility of your request can be assessed. Please note that organization will not refund attendees due to visa issues after the cancellation deadline 01 June 2018.

International Conference
Belgrade, Serbia
20-22 June, 2018
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