4th International Conference
Belgrade, Serbia
20-22 June, 2018
Registered participants

1. Steven Grossnickle, Canada
2. Kasten Dumroese, USA
3. Donato Chiatante, Italy
4. Diane Haase, USA
5. Nelson Thiffault, Canada
6. Nicolescu Valeriu Norocel, Romania
7. Aleksandar Vemić, Serbia
8. Padam Bhojvaid, India
9. Dana Dina Kolevska, Macedonia
10. Zhao Shucong, China

11. Chen Xingliang, China
12. Huang Kebiao, China
13. Ecatarina Fodor, Romania
14. Antonio Montagnoli, Italy
15. Marica Kecman, Serbia
16. Nathalie Verhoef, The Netherlands
17. Branislav Cvjetković, Republic of Srpska, BIH
18. Artur Novikov, Russia
19. Svetlana Morokovina, Russia
20. Ekaterina Paniavina, Russia
21. Yana Barzova, Bulgaria

22. Kostadin Valchev, Bulgaria
23. Viktor Mihailov, Bulgaria
24. Barbara Mariotti, Italy
25. Asya Milenkova, Bulgaria
26. Cornelia Hernea, Romania
27. Neli Doncheva, Bulgaria

28. Prem Govender, South Africa
29. Derian Echeverri-Molina, South Africa
30. Daniel Chmura, Poland
31. Marianthi Tsakaldimi, Greece
32. Nebi Bilir, Turkey
33. Arnulfo Aldrete, Mexico
34. Nelly Aggangan, Philippines
35. Eli Hafuta, Israel
36. Nikolaos Tourvas, Greece
37. Kolade Michael Muritala, Nigeria
Jelena Aleksić, Serbia
Stanisław Małek, Poland
Grzegorz Durło, Poland
Vladan Popović, Serbia
42. Santa Neimane, Latvia
43. Santa Celma, Latvia
Marina Nonić, Serbia
. Dušan Jokanović, Serbia
46. Ivona Kerkez, Serbia
Dolores Pavlović, Serbia
Jovana Devetaković, Serbia
49. Vladan Iveti
ć, Serbia
Accepted Abstracts


Grossnickle S:
Seedling establishment to forest stand: The perilous journey
Dumroese RK:
Changing climate, changing challenges, changing reforestation practices
Chiatante D:
Target  Reforestation: preparation of high-quality seedlings through root manipulation and LED spectra treatments
Haase D: The
role of nursery production in global forest restoration efforts
Thiffault N: Plantation silviculture in eastern Canada in a changing world
Bilir N, Cetinkaya D: Variation of morphology and quality in 1+0 year containerized and bare-root seedlings of Taurus cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich)
Vemić A, Milenković I: Occurrence of ash dieback fungus in different Common ash plantings in Montenegro
Nicolescu VN, Hernea C, Sandi V Alley cropping with strawberries: Two case-studies in Romania
Aggangan NS: Screening mycorrhizal fungi indigenous in mine tailings for the rehabilitation of mined-out areas in the Philippines
Verhoef N, Wallin E, Gräns D, Roelofsen C, Jacobs DF,  Lindström A: The use of molecular diagnostics to improve the quality of forestry seedlings
Fodor E, Hâruța O, Dorog S: Nurse plants and the regeneration niche of tree seedlings in wood-pastures from North-Western Transylvania
Bhojvaid PP: Challenges in Reforestation with native species in restored sodic soils: Application of basic and applied research results in Haryana India
Neimane S, Lazdiņa D, Celma S, Dūmiņš K, Štāls T: Establishment success of Betula pendula, Alnus glutinosa, Populus spp. and Pinus sylvestris tree species in different micro-locations of a drained peatland after afforestation and the effects of wood ash use as fertilizer
Krstić M, Cvjetićanin R, Kanjevac B, Babić V, Milenković M, Ivanović N: Characteristics of artificial regeneration with seed sowing in sessile oak forests
Krstić M, Nikolić B, Kanjevac B, Babić V, Ivanović N: A contribution to the site defining of deforested surfaces and selection of the appropriate tree species for biomeliorations
Mariotti B, Martini S, Raddi S, Maltoni A, Oliet J, Jacobs DF, Tani A: The effectiveness of coconut substrate and fertilization regimes during nursery culture and post-transplant response in three Quercus species
Chmura DJ, Guzicka M, Rożkowski Roman: Tree improvement may contribute to increased carbon accumulation in forest standing biomass
Echeverri-Molina D, Govender P: Growth response of Eucalyptus grandis and Acacia mearnsii plantation trees in South Africa to prophylactic insecticide application against whitegrub (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) pests
Govender P: Country report: Seedling establishment pests of Acacia mearnsii De Wild. (Mimosaceae) in South Africa
Cvjetković B, Mataruga S, Djurić G, Bumbić-Damjanović S: Substrate influence on the quality of seedlings of ornamental trees produced in pots
Aldrete A: Changes in Forest Nursery Seedling Production in the XXI Century in Mexico
Durło G, Jagiełło-Leńczuk K, Kormanek M, Małek S, Banach J: Visualization and quantification of peat substrate moisture by fully automated moisture controlling system (SMCS) in forest container nursery
Małek S, Bierowiec K,  Przybyłek M, Dudek K, Kormanek M, Banach J, Durło G, Jagiełło-Leńczuk K: New ranges of optimal concentrations of selected macro-elements for Scots pine, Norway spruce, European beech and English oak seedlings produced at the container nurseries
Sarić R, Danilović М, Antonić S: Evaluation of hexagonal tree planting in poplar plantations
Sarić R, Danilović М, Ćirović V, Vojvodić P: Weed control by glycophosphate in poplar plantations
Celma S, Lazdiņa D, Done G, Dūmiņš K, Neimane S: Reoccurring deer browsing damage patterns in young Pinus sylvestris stands
Aleksić JM, Ivetić V: Serbian spruce conservation - current status and prospects for the future
Ćirković-Mitrović T, Brašanac-Bosanac Lj, Jokanović D, Stanković D, Nikolić V, Vilotić D: Afforestation trend in Republic of Serbia
ć V: Seedling Forensics: How to determine the reasons of reforestation failure?
Bilir N: Morphology in seed orchard and seed stand seedlings of Brutian Pine (Pinus brutia Ten.)


Cheng R, Shen Y: The fine root dynamics of Pinus massoniana plantations as affected by understory vegetation removal and thinning
Doncheva N: Experience from riparian forests restoration projects in Bulgaria
Bilir N, Yazici N, Özel HB: Examination of Taurus cedar (Cedrus libani) Afforestation in Isparta Province of Turkey
Kolevska DD, Trajkov P, Maletic V, Velickovska S: Results of application of Superabsorbent ZebaTM on field survival of containerized Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) seedlings in Macedonia
Sharma SK: Backyard plantation - A major contributor towards social forestry  in  North-east India
Aggangan NS, Anarna JA, Cortes AD: Microbial Inoculated Plants to Bring Back Green Cover and Live Soil Environment in Barren Mine Tailings
Popović V, Rakonjac Lj, Lučić A: Morphological characteristics as quality indicators of one-year-old seedlings of Hungarian oak (Quercus frainetto Ten)
Lindgren D
, Ivetić Vladan, Laestadius L: The world needs more planted forest!!
Muritala KM, Akpan-Ebe IN: Reforesting the depleted forest estates of Akwa Ibom State Nigeria (Current review 2017)
Nanfumba D, Ojok T, Bampa PN, Sekitto I, Adrale D, Wanume B, Nabukenya MS,  Asaba P, Sebwato S: Public Private Partnership, a requirement for operationalization of the Conditional Participation driven Agro-Forestry Reforestation Model (CPAF-Model) on small holder farms
Shukla SD, Tiwari DN, Tomar A, Srivastav A: Bamboo in Rebuilding Rural Livelihood- A New Approach in Vindhyan Region of  India
Aggangan RT, Cabangon RJ, Aggangan NS: Bamboos as Better Alternative Reforestation Species in the Philippines
Srivastav A, Tomar A: Approaches for Planning and Management of National Afforestation Programmess in Uttar Pradesh, India
Li Jiang: Enrichment Planting in Monoculture Rubber Plantations: An Approach to Gradually Restore Tropical Forests
Milenkova A: Coniferous plantations in the Osogovо, South West Bulgaria
Victory E, Olayemi BD, Adeyeye AT: Change in Forest Cover, Stubb’s Creek Forest Reserve Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Sambou A, Ndiaye O, Goudiaby A: Germination and growth response of Moringa oleifera, Acacia mellifera and Zizyphus mauritiana seedling to different substrates
Akande SO: Climate Change Impacts, Adaptive Capacity Of African Forest Ecosystems and Livelihoods
Marianthi T, Panagiota G, Petros G: Updated fertilization programs and shading to accelerate Pinus nigra seedlings’ nursery growth
Thiffault N, Hoepting M, Fera J, Lussier JM,  Larocque GR: Growth and yield results in a 60-year-old red pine plantation established in widely different initial spacings and managed by commercial thinning
Tourvas N, Aravanopoulos F: Genetic aspects of reforestation practices for the maximization of forest ecosystem resilience
Kormanek M, Małek S, Banach J, Durło G, Jagiełło-Leńczuk K: Seasonal change in the physical and mechanical parameters of the nursery substrate in the Hiko V-120 containers
Banach J, Możdżyński B, Fischer M, Małek S, Kormanek M, Durło G: The size and structure of the root system of Norway spruce, Scots pine, European beech and pedunculate oak seedlings growing in Hiko containers
Novikov A: Biometric features of Scots pine in the Voronezh nursery by size grading seeds
Nonić M, Devetaković J, Prokić B, Ivetić V, Šijačić-Nikolić M: Influence of acorn size on development of one-year-old English oak (Quercus robur L.) seedlings
Giannetti F, Martini S, Raddi S, Maltoni A, Tani A, Gherardo C, Davide T, Mariotti B: Is it possible monitoring plant physiological condition with a Near Infrared Consumer digital camera in forest nursery stock?
Kecman M, Devetaković J, Maksimović Z, Ivetić V, Šijačić-Nikolić M: Forest restoration in Natural protected area "Veliko ratno ostrvo"
ć Ćurguz V, Karličić V, Raičević V: Influence of soil conditions on germination of seed of Pinus sylvestris
Ivetić V, Denić I, Devetaković J: Variability of European beech husks and nuts in Serbia
I, Nonić M, Devetaković J, Šijačić-Nikolić M, Ivetić V: The effect of half-sib lines on morphological attributes of one-year old Fraxinus angustifolia seedlings
Devetaković J, Todorović N, Vilotić D, Ivetić V: European white elm biomass production in a high-density plantation
Hafuta E: Planted forests in Israel

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